RLJ Designs

RLJ Designs creates custom accessories to businesses and individuals and provides advertising, logo, branding, labeling, and signage services to small and medium size businesses.


Founder Reesha originally started designing custom accessories because she could never find her own name on customized apparel and accessories. Due to demand from others she started a business from this concept, expanding her services to include both individuals and small to medium size businesses. When she applied for the EE program, she was looking to better market her services and grow. Through the program, Reesha gained better knowledge of insurance, website development, sales and marketing. We also connected her with a CPA and helped her find a space and storage to allow her greater flexibility with her business.

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Email: info@ideafoundry.org
Call: +1.412.682.3067

4551 Forbes Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

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