Impact Investment

Idea Foundry invests at the pre-seed and seed stage in socially impactful innovation-based businesses.

We are industry agnostic, having invested in AgTech, GreenTech, Life sciences, Security, EdTech, and to build equitable societies.

Idea Foundry's Investment Thesis

Founders & Team

We make investments in people who see something others don’t and a reason to do it that others don’t recognize or don’t want to see. A communicative, coachable, and credible team is necessary.

Triple Bottom Line

Idea Foundry is making triple and double bottom line investments only: people, planet, and profit.

Portable Applicability

The world is racing to invent the same things everywhere when local implementing knowledge is the real chokepoint. We invest in companies with groundbreaking and defensible intellectual property that can be reapplied across global markets by seeding other markets for success.

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