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IF Ventures represents a new investment initiative stemming from Idea Foundry's two decades as a leading actor in the investment ecosystem of Pittsburgh.

We have carefully curated a group of Angel Investors from a variety of sectors and interests, which we match with appropriate companies to facilitate deals benefiting all parties. These investments complement existing early stage capital resources in the region, propelling companies forward in their growth to avoid "Valley of Death" stagnation.

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To speak with our staff about opportunities as an Investor, please contact jay.murray@ideafoundry.org
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Exploring Fit

Our primary driver is making things happen. We believe that everyone's time is precious and don't want to lead companies or investors in directions which will not benefit them. When determining whether a company is a good fit for this initiative, we assess company maturity, model, team, and "investability".

Both tech-based and traditional companies may apply. This initiative is industry agnostic, with the hopes of increasing access to smart, impactful investment opportunities for both companies and investors.

Investment Preparedness

Being at the right place at the right time is difficult. Our team works with selected companies to ensure that they are investment-ready, prior to introductions. This includes conducting preliminary due diligence with company founders.

Deal Facilitation

After investment matches are made, we continue to follow the companies during and after deal close, in collaboration with our legal partner Babst Calland & Associates, assisting in deal structure and investment monitoring.

Contact our team to learn more about the program and to set up a meeting.
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