Intelomed focuses on innovating and optimizing non-invasive patient monitoring versatile utility across sites of care


InteloMed continues to redefine the standard of care in patient monitoring and informatics with its first-to-market, non-invasive CVInsight® Patient Monitoring & Informatics System.

Through easy-to-use, real-time patient monitoring and informatics solutions,  InteloMed offers an advanced alternative to invasive approaches, such as implantable devices and catheters, and to less invasive “spot check” approaches such as blood pressure cuffs.

The CVInsight® Monitoring System provides relevant and actionable health information for at-risk patients throughout the care pathway. Multiple clinical populations include hemodialysis, sleep-disturbed breathing, heart failure, and medical/surgical.

The first-generation product is FDA-cleared and has proven impact in both clinical studies and clinical use.  The new-generation product is in FDA pre-submission and should unlock new opportunities such as telemedicine by eliminating hardware.

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