Investment & Collaboration

Idea Foundry works around the world, “enabling the enablers” within existing and growing ecosystems and investing alongside them in promising early-stage companies through both direct investments from our own capital and investment facilitation with our angel group. We most enjoy working in markets that are underutilized by mainstream venture investing.

We have found that collaboration across borders allows innovative solutions to make a more tangible impact in their respective communities. We are also actively fostering international collaboration, creating and facilitating opportunities for knowledge-sharing and development with actors across the globe.  

Impact Investment

Idea Foundry invests at the pre-seed and seed stage in socially impactful innovation-based businesses.

We are industry agnostic, having invested in AgTech, GreenTech, Life sciences, Security, EdTech, and to build equitable societies.

Idea Foundry's Investment Thesis

We make investments in people who see something others don’t and a reason to do it that others don’t recognize or don’t want to see. A communicative, coachable, and credible team is necessary.

Founders & Team

Idea Foundry is making triple and double bottom line investments only: people, planet, and profit.

Triple Bottom Line

The world is racing to invent the same things everywhere when local implementing knowledge is the real chokepoint. We invest in companies with groundbreaking and defensible intellectual property that can be reapplied across global markets by seeding other markets for success.

Portable Applicability

Innovation Seeding

Harkening back to our investment thesis: we invest in companies that have portable applicability, companies with IP that is globally useful with minimal tweaks and at the hands of local entrepreneurs and operators- the rush to create the same technology everywhere is a waste of previous financial and human capital. In order to maximize impact and minimize unnecessary capital spend, portable solutions are a must.

Through our network we help to provide matchmaking between our portfolio, corporates, and other startups to facilitate the transfer of ideas and IP across borders. Enabled by the digital Future of Work, doors and opportunities continue to open for addressing regional concerns with outside IP.

All economies need new jobs, jobs created through innovative solutions and entrepreneurship, a process that can be catalyzed and accelerated through Innovation Seeding.

Global Collaboration

Global Innovation Bridge

A 10 days to 2 weeks (in-person or virtual) program targeting early to mid-stage startups who are interested in exploring the US market and the ecosystem. The program includes group education sessions, individualized mentorship and connections to the Pittsburgh ecosystem.

Soft Landing Services

A 3 level program targeting mid-stage startups who are interested in scaling in the US. Our levels (Explore, Navigate, and Landing) cover, respectively, the exploration and validation of U.S. market potential, business model adaptations, and other strategies for U.S. market launch, as well as, support and connections for landing in Southwestern PA.

Foreign Direct Investment

We facilitate foreign direct investment.

International Visitors

Idea Foundry regularly welcomes visitors from around the world.

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