Where in the World is the Idea Foundry Team?

October 5, 2021

This Spring and Summer the Idea Foundry team has been leaving footprints on some diverse parts of the globe: Vietnam, China, Mexico, and Mauritius.
Opening Remarks, MolochES - 2 Days of Entrepreneurship in Merida, Mexico

Vietnam - IF's CEO, Mike, spent 9 days in Vietnam following our participation in American Council's Professional Fellows Program last fall where we hosted an entrepreneur and investor from Vietnam for a month here in Pittsburgh. Mike's trip was very fruitful, developing two partnerships with Vietnamese entrepreneurial support organizations that will help connect Pittsburgh and Vietnam's entrepreneurial ecosystems.

China - IF's Manager of China Initiatives, Yiqun, spent some time in China during early June having productive meetings with local stakeholders to further our efforts to connect Pittsburgh with China.

Mexico - IF's Global Engagement Manager, Lindsey, traveled to Merida, Mexico to participate in the U.S. State Department's Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative Reverse Exchange. There she worked with the team of our partner organization AddereMX to present talks, workshops, and networking opportunities to audiences all along the spectrum of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Yucatan.

Mauritius - Mike along with IF's Entrepreneurial Advisor, Jay, are gearing up for a trip to the island of Mauritius to begin work on a project to bring Pittsburgh-based innovative solutions to Mauritius's textile industry. Idea Foundry is working with the Mauritiun government and Economic Development Board on this project. Stay tuned for more information on this project and how Pittsburgh innovators can get involved in the project.

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