Two Deals Closed through IF Ventures

IF Ventures, the angel investment initiative Idea Foundry launched last year with legal support from Babst Calland, closed on a second deal this August.

Developed to facilitate high quality deal flow for angel investors and provide growth capital for maturing startups, IF Ventures addresses a critical and growing funding need for startups in the “Valley of Death” - post startup but pre-Series A.

Through the IF Ventures program, companies are selected based on applicability to our curated group of active angel investors based on maturity, growth potential, investor fit, and other company specific metrics. Prior to pitch, selected companies are optionally provided with investor preparedness services, enabling them to put their best foot forward in communicating what their business and vision are, and identifying any business structure gaps. This intensive evaluation coupled with services on an as-needed basis is a core pillar of IF Ventures. Our mission is to make the deal flow process more effective and efficient, increasing the frequency of successful outcomes.

The IF Ventures team, powered by Idea Foundry with support from Babst Calland, is seasoned in the deal-making process; both parties work closely with companies and investors to develop mutually beneficial agreements and aligned expectations. IF Ventures facilitates diligence between the company and investors, and may make targeted diligence efforts as a service. The IF Ventures program continues to bear fruit from this highly-selective process: the inaugural deal closed in January of 2023 and the second this past August. Both closed deals were in the targeted ticket size of $200-500K, with companies whose missions we are passionate about.

The first closed deal supported a digital commerce solution enabling transparency and efficiency in informal sales in emerging markets. Operating across multiple markets, this company is reducing ambiguous, analog transactions and records and utilizing technology to better match supply and demand. The second closed deal addresses innovative methods for orthopedic infection reduction, an enormous and quickly growing problem relying on inadequate status-quo solutions, in conjunction with an AI-enabled platform for clinical candidate identification.

The companies serve vastly different needs, in different industries and markets, however each one holds significant potential to make a large-scale impact on those they serve. We are enthusiastic about IF Ventures continued value delivery, bolstering and enabling high impact outcomes for companies, investors, and maturing entrepreneurial ecosystems.

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