“There’s a benefit of collecting and recycling vegetable oil and reusing it as fuel”

Years into selling local kitchens’ used cooking grease as fuel, Fossil Free Fuel, in Braddock, is adding a new component to its slick business model: operating a biodiesel filling station.

Any diesel-powered vehicle — from passenger cars to big rigs — can pull into this unassuming lot at 107 Braddock Ave. and fill up from a 4,000-gallon tank of biodiesel or a 1,000-gallon tank of regular petroleum diesel that can be accessed 24 hours a day with a self-serve card issued by the company.

“We have regular diesel to entice customers who may not be comfortable with using biodiesel right off the bat,” co-founder Dave Rosenstraus says. “Once they can see other similar vehicles running [on biodiesel], it will be a real-life testimonial for them to switch.”

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