Request for Proposals – Idea Foundry Seeks Farm Tech for Specialty Crop Growers and Local Food Buyers in Western PA

PITTSBURGH, PA, March 11, 2017  –  In conjunction with our Regional Food System Development work, Idea Foundry has gathered robust data on the challenges facing growers, producers, technologists, and innovative food entrepreneurs in our local region. In particular, through our work administering From Risk to Resilience, a USDA backed pilot program launched in partnership with Chatham University, Penn State, and the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture, we’ve identified a technology need among many local farms and local food buyers in Western PA.  We are seeking a technology solution to help with order and invoice streamlining, inventory management, production record keeping, and on-farm planning for small to mid-size family and specialty crop farmers.

While many software solutions to these problems do exist in the market today, most only address parts of the problem or have limited functionality, and none of them are widely adopted by farms in our region. Farms are in need of smart, low-cost tools that can help them operate, grow, market, and sell with more efficiency, and buyers are in need of a convenient, simple, and streamlined way to communicate with and order from local food producers.

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