Please first email us at to set up a meeting and then download applications for our Impact Innovations Accelerator and Equitable Entrepreneurship Program. Also, please find our webform for the Innovation Bridge Program – Chile & Pittsburgh here.
Impact Innovations Accelerator application
Equitable Entrepreneurship Program Application
Innovation bridge program chile - pittsburgh Application
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Idea Foundry Accelerator Program

Are you just starting out with an idea or company that uses innovation to drive impact?
Idea Foundry looks for ideas and businesses which can be built at the intersection of innovation and impact. Our Accelerator program offers hands-on, individualized attention, business model development assistance, incubation services, and investment to bring your business to the next level. Through Idea Foundry’s 15 years of experience, we provide expert assistance to each company, making our investment much more than financial, and helping companies to avoid setbacks before they reach them. Participants can receive up to $10,000 in investment funding, expert advice, and the potential opportunity for increased funding in the Idea Transformation Fellowship program. Applications for the Accelerator program are open and accepted on a rolling basis.
Contact us at to learn more or set up a meeting with us.

View some companies that have completed our Accelerator program here.

Idea Transformation Fellowship

Are you a startup looking for your next step?
This program provides funding and hands-on support past the accelerator stage to startup companies, helping them get to the critical point where they can obtain follow-up funding or support themselves through earned revenue. Transformation Fellowships are awarded for a period of up to one year, and investment can total up to $100,000 in the form of a convertible note.
Contact us at to express your interest and learn more.

View some companies that have completed our Fellowship program here.

Ideas to Industry

Are you looking for an innovative solution to your business needs?
Ideas to Industry creates strategic connections between industry members, entrepreneurs, and researchers. We provide custom innovation commercialization services to existing companies, along with access to a pipeline of emerging technologies. Industry partners looking to address innovation needs can get early visibility into vetted and developed ideas as well as access to Idea Foundry’s existing investment portfolio of established and emerging ventures.
Contact us at to learn more or set up a membership meeting with us.

Revolving Loan Fund

Are you a growing company in the food and agriculture sector in need of investment to scale and expand?
A pivotal part of Idea Foundry’s Local Food System Innovation Program includes financial assistance to farms, agriculture technology companies, and others which advance the production and distribution of local food through the Local Food Growth Fund. Applicable organizations cover the Greater Pittsburgh Economic Region, made up of 32 counties in Western Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, and Maryland.
Contact us at to express your interest and learn more.


Equitable Entrepreneurship Program

Are you an Immigrant or Minority Entrepreneur with an idea for a business that will shape our region?

Our next application cycle runs from August 15 – September 15. You can download the application at the top of this page. For more information on the EE Program, visit the EE Page and email to find out if the EE Program is right for you.