Programs & Initiatives

Idea Foundry offers its business acceleration services to companies both local and abroad. We also have a number of initiatives designed to foster global connections.

Programs for local companies

Equitable Entrepreneurship Program

Leveling the playing field for communities with limited access or facing barriers to business development support.

Impact Innovations Program

The Impact Innovations program transforms business ideas into fundable startups which generate positive societal impact through the disruptive nature of innovation.

Programs for foreign companies

Impact Globalizer - Explore

The Explore level of services are the first step in exploring the U.S. market for foreign companies, offering virtual services of market-potential analysis and validation by a company with almost 2 decades of experience helping companies launch in the U.S.

Impact Globalizer - Navigate

The Navigate level of the Impact Globalizer helps foreign companies take a deeper dive into business model adaptations to best serve the U.S. market to avoid setbacks and unnecessary costs.

Impact Globalizer - Soft Landings

Idea Foundry's Soft Landings services assist with relocating, launching, or opening a new U.S. company in Pittsburgh from foreign innovation.

Global Innovation Bridge

Global Innovation Bridges are competitive programs open to entrepreneurs and professionals. Participants travel to Pittsburgh to meet with U.S.-based counterparts and work with the Idea Foundry team to identify and create collaborative and customized partnerships, projects, and business ventures.

Global initiatives

Educational outreach in Vietnam

We are expanding our education program to Vietnam. Please download our brochure for more information.

Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center

Idea Foundry owns and operates the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center (PRIC), focused on bringing investments from around the world to Pittsburgh-based projects. Contact us with all inquires.


FriendlyPittsburgh is a non-profit marketing program that promotes tourism, business, education and innovation in Greater Pittsburgh Area to China through local partnerships and activities.

International Visitors

Idea Foundry regularly welcomes visitors from around the world.