Global Innovation Bridge

Global Innovation Bridges are competitive exchange programs which give entrepreneurs a first glimpse of the U.S. market and entrepreneurial ecosystem, individualized support, and connections to stakeholders in the Pittsburgh entrepreneurial ecosystem.
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These 10-day to 2-week programs combine group informational sessions on internationalization and the U.S. market, one-on-one guidance from the Idea Foundry team to support the companies' specific priorities and plan for the U.S. market, and individualized connections with relevant stakeholders in the Southwestern Pennsylvania region. We can conduct GIBPs virtually or through in-person trips to Pittsburgh, which also include an added value of business and cultural immersion.

Idea Foundry seeks institutional partners outside of the U.S. to collaborate on a GIBP for the entrepreneurs in their network. Through working with partners, we are able to make a more personalized program which suits the needs and focus areas of the participating companies.

Basic Eligibility Requirements: 

1. Entrepreneurs and professionals must represent companies registered outside the U.S. 

2. These companies must be based on an innovative solution, through a disruptive methodology, process, or technology. They must also demonstrate a positive social or environmental impact.

3. Participants should have concrete goals to expand opportunities for collaboration and partnership in Pittsburgh that will generate impact in their home country, Pittsburgh, or both.

4. Participants must have a professional proficiency in English in order to participate in group and individual meetings with Pittsburgh stakeholders during the program. If you believe that language may be a barrier for your ability to participate in the program, please email and we will work with you to accommodate your needs to the fullest extent possible.

‍Additional, definitive, requirements or focus areas will be included in each specific program announcement

Focus areas

Idea Foundry's portfolio focuses on impact. Our focus areas have evolved with the changing needs and priorities of the region. While the innovations and businesses we work with address specific and often complex problems, they create an impact in areas which are basic societal or environmental necessities.

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How to apply

Applications for this program are by invitation only. We encourage interested parties to reach out and have meetings with our team.

StartUps: Idea Foundry holds specific application periods for GIBPs, some with a general call for applications and others for cohorts with a specific focus area (such as region, company stage, or industry). There are currently no open calls for proposals. Check back on this page for updated details on open application periods.

Partners: If you are an entrepreneurial support organization who would like to hold a GIBP specifically for your portfolio of entrepreneurs, please contact to see how we can collaborate on a personalized program for your entrepreneurs.