The DoD represents millions of dollars in innovation procurement opportunities

The Department of Defense represents millions of dollars in innovation procurement opportunities; Idea Foundry embarks on a new initiative to help regional companies tap into these opportunities.

July 25, 2016

Idea Foundry Inc., a regional economic development organization, has launched a new initiative in conjunction with B2G Alliance under its Ideas to Industry Program, which will provide access to opportunities within the Department of Defense.

“Many changes have occurred for innovation based businesses in Western PA since the recession including a shrinking of funding opportunities that were supported in part by the federal government. These reductions have resulted in many young organizations shying away from pursuing the federal government. Although funding through programs like the SBIR and STTR remain attractive for early research and commercialization, a true opportunity exists in approaching the government as a customer. We are pleased to re-introduce resources and opportunities for the growth of regional companies” said Idea Foundry CEO Michael Matesic.

This initiative will be piloted with up to 5 leading regional companies with plans to extend available resources upon the successful completion of the pilot. Companies with products, technologies or services that align with the needs of the DoD or those that are actively pursuing government contracts have been selected to participate. An array of resources will be offered through B2G Alliance LLC including direct contract procurement, as well as education and training in government contracting. The scope of program will look for opportunities beyond typical Research & Development grants.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Idea Foundry to support its portfolio companies and the region. Working with the government can be tricky, but this is where we bring our expertise to the table. For the past decade we have assisted clients in navigating the ins and outs of government contracting. As a local company we are committed to the region and want to do our part to help stimulate a vibrant economy” added Allan Roberts, President, B2G Alliance LLC.

This co-operative effort between the two organizations will strive to provide true economic development benefit to the region by opening up strategic avenues of funding and revenue for local and regional companies that already have solutions to address the vast needs of the DoD.

Founded in 2002, Idea Foundry is an economic development organization with a focus on innovation acceleration and commercialization. With almost 200 companies in its portfolio, Idea Foundry is a pioneer in hands-on business development and technology transfer.

The Ideas to Industry™ Program creates mutually beneficial engagements by strategically connecting industry, entrepreneurs and university researchers in the region.

About B2G Alliance

For over a decade, B2G has offered clients cost-effective personal service with in-depth knowledge and a record of success with large defense contractors, suppliers, manufacturers and emerging companies. B2G is a small veteran owned business with deep experience in technology verification, validation and concepts of operation.