Module has pre-sold its first home to a customer in Pittsburgh, marking a landmark achievement for the company.  “Delivering our first home to a customer will be a significant milestone for our young company. We cannot wait to hand over the keys to a happy customer early next year,” says Brian Gaudio, CEO of Module in their press release issued September 6th.

This home will be a 800 sq ft. one-bedroom, one-bathroom home which will enable the customer’s parents to live next-door and spend more time with their grandchildren. Providing adaptable, affordable, and energy-efficient houses for lifestyle changes like this are one of the key principles of Module. Groundbreaking for the home will happen in approximately one month.

This is a busy time for Module as they also have approval to build a second home in Pittsburgh and are releasing a new line of designs, which range in price from $150,000 – $300,000, excluding land and site costs. These designs also meet the Department of Energy’s Zero Energy Ready Home Standards.

Module designs and coordinates permitting, styling, finance, and construction of modular homes, with expansions that fit onto basic units, with the idea of “Just Enough House” to meet changes in lifestyle and needs. The inspiration for Module came about when Gaudio was traveling in South America, directing a documentary on the housing crisis there entitled “Within Formal Cities.” You can learn more about Module via their website.

Read their press release on the construction of their first house here: