Impact Innovations

The Future of Business

Impact innovations raise the quality of life in communities by generating vital societal impacts through the disruptive nature of entrepreneurship. After 15 years working to support local economic development and innovation, we have found that connections are key. In the past, our efforts were focused on helping entrepreneurs in two distinct sectors: science and social enterprise innovation. From our experience, we think that drawing distinctions between science and social enterprise draws a line where a bridge would be better. The future of Idea Foundry lies in creating that bridge, supporting innovations across a wide variety of sectors that also drive a societal impact.
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Introducing Impact Innovations

Impact isn’t chasing fads — it’s filling gaps

Our programs include pre-commercialization activities through incubation and acceleration. We provide assistance and funding to early-stage companies to develop their ideas and business plan into a viable and profitable company; market level services focused on driving growth or innovation adoption; and lending, currently focused on agriculture and local food companies to assist in growth and expansion. We are constantly enhancing our services; our field experts take on many individualized projects that serve the community.

Our Focus Areas

Although these have been our most prominent focus areas for the last 15 years, they are not exclusive. We are happy to explore new areas of innovation as well.

What Others Have Said

Someone has to believe in you, the concept, and the team before you have anything to believe in. That is what Idea Foundry gave to Thread, the time and resources needed to create something that other people would listen to, and invest in.

J. Knapp
Director of Production, Thread LLC.

I was very comfortable working with the Idea Foundry team and appreciated how candid we could be together when discussing opportunities towards commercialization. There was much more value added from Idea Foundry than just the monetary value provided through the Accelerator.

Doug Nelson
Co-Founder, Lumis

From my experience, the folks at Idea Foundry are the best I have seen in the economic development arena anywhere in the country.  They clearly added value to InteloMed in its earliest days and continue to provide helpful insight and support as the company matures.

InteloMed Inc.

Idea Foundry helped us identify the specific areas where we must focus our time and resources to create the biggest impact.

B. Reeja Jayan
Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, CMU