Global Connections

Building bridges the world over

Fostering connections across the globe widens perspectives, increases creativity and collaboration, and enables local innovation to address global challenges. Attracting global talent and capital to our region supports Pittsburgh as a global hub. Idea Foundry is engaged in global collaborations between nonprofits, government organizations, academic institutions, economic development and entrepreneurial organizations, investors, and individuals. Our services are adapted to support economic development in the local region and the development of innovation and societal impact across the globe.

Bridge for Ideas

Growth in innovation and talent transfer must start with a conversation. Idea Foundry actively hosts international visitors for meetings and Fellowships through programs such as the U.S. Department of State’s International Visitor Leadership Program, Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative, American Councils Professional Fellows Program, and others. It is through these initial connections that we have identified similar challenges and solutions across the globe and many of our larger projects have developed.

Bridge for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Market Identification and Soft Landings for Foreign Entrepreneurs

Idea Foundry partners with organizations throughout the world to identify U.S.-Market-ready companies  and innovations interested in launching in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is an innovation hub and gateway to the rest of the U.S. with a low cost of living and high quality of life. Our current efforts focus on Asia and Latin America. To request more information on these services, please email

Global Market Access for Pittsburgh Entrepreneurs

Through Idea Foundry’s global network, we connect challenges faced globally to solutions created locally. Idea Foundry portfolio companies are already making an impact across the globe, through recycling and employment in Central America and affordable energy solutions in Africa. 

Professional Training and Other Programs

Idea Foundry works with organizations across the globe as well as our large local network of industry leaders, researchers, and university faculty to facilitate programs and opportunities for professional training and education in Pittsburgh. For more information or to partner with us in these efforts, please email

Bridge for Tourism, Study, and Investment in Pittsburgh

Idea Foundry partnered with VisitPittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance to create an initiative, FriendlyPittsburgh, which supports and facilitates education, tourism, business, and investment in Western Pennsylvania to the Chinese market. Additionally, FriendlyPittsburgh has a very successful Chinese social media account which offers Pittsburgh news, events, and interviews catered and translated for the Chinese community in Pittsburgh.

Idea Foundry owns and operates the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center(PRIC), focused on bringing investments from around the world to Pittsburgh-based projects.The PRIC offers investment opportunities to foreign investors seeking permanent residency in the United States.

Where are Our Global Connections?

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