Equitable Entrepreneurship Application

Thank you for your interest in the Idea Foundry Equitable Entrepreneurship Program. Before proceeding with an application, please ensure you have completed the following steps.

1. Complete a Vetting Meeting

If you haven't talked to us before, please use the Inquire page to schedule a vetting meeting with us so that we can better understand your idea or business and see if our programs are a good fit. At the end of the vetting meeting, we will tell you whether you are eligible for any of our programs. Only proceed with the rest of the application steps if you are determined to be eligible.

2. Prepare your application

We only accept applications through the online form below, but you can download this Working Draft document to save and share preliminary answers with your other team members.

3. Submit online form

Submit answers to application questions through the below form. If your answers include images or other non-plaintext information, you can attach them under "Supporting Documents" at the bottom.

Part I: Business Team Member Profile

All team members are required to fill out the Business Team Member Profile. If you have other business team members, give them this link and ask them to fill it out: https://www.ideafoundry.org/forms/business-team-member-profile

Part II: Business Application