Idea Foundry invites you to measure, compare, improve, and showcase your company’s social and environmental impact on the Steel City’s quality of life.

Measure What Matters

As Pittsburgh rises to the forefront of world-class innovation, creative problem-solving, and livability, we encourage Pittsburgh’s business community to be standard-bearers of good for their stakeholders: the employees, communities, and environments that support them.

Without healthy communities and environments, our economies are not sustainable. Responsible businesses are proven to outperform traditional companies in long-term financial performance.

The reason for this is tangible – today’s consumers want to buy products created ethically and transparently by companies that value their employees, communities, and the environment that provides our most basic resources. By using B Lab’s B Impact Assessment, Pittsburgh businesses can measure, compare, improve, and showcase their impact in the following impact areas:

About B Lab

B Lab is a nonprofit serving a global movement of people using business as a force for good. They are the industry leader in business impact measurement. Its vision is that one day all companies compete not only to be the best in the world, but the Best for the World® and as a result society will enjoy a more shared and durable prosperity.






Why Do We Care?

From Portland, to Denver, to Rio de Janeiro, cities across the globe are increasingly turning to their business communities to help chart the course of how to care for people and the planet while moving economies forward. Idea Foundry believes that Pittsburgh has every ingredient to be a leader in the fast-growing “business for good” movement.

By leveraging our city’s innovative spirit to help conscientious companies disrupt the market, we can build a model for economic growth that benefits all people equitably. Through Pittsburgh Measures Up, we want to encourage all local businesses that sustainability is more than going green, it’s about local economies taking care of local communities.The Measure What Matters movement has incredible momentum:

IPOs: Rally Software, Etsy
Filed Series 1:  Laureate University
Certified B Corps: 2,000+
Public Companies: Natura, Snakk Media Ltd, Australian Ethical, New Resource Bank 

Who are B Corps?

Pittsburgh B Corps

Thread builds the most responsible fabric on the planet from recycled water bottles collected in the streets and canals of Haiti and Honduras.

EvolveEA is a nimble multidisciplinary practice situated at the intersection of sustainability and the built environment.

Seeds Green Printing is a green printing company whose printing process helps preserve forests and forest habitats.

AE Works transforms the lives of people and organizations by creating stunningly beautiful, highly functional, and safer spaces.

The Program

By piloting Measure What Matters, Idea Foundry has developed a replicable program for local stakeholders to incentivize our business community to measure, compare, improve, and showcase their impact.

As we build mutually beneficial partnerships, we hope to grow our MWM pilot into a citywide initiative called Pittsburgh Measures Up. This initiative will mirror programs currently occurring in New York, Colorado, Caiscais, and Rio and will grow to cities such as Chicago, Sydney, Philadelphia, Rochester and Rhode Island.

Meet our Pilot Companies

Participating in MWM are companies that create a sustainable future one truck at a time, empower students with video-game learning, and use big data to stop sex trafficking. Meet the InterSector alums trailblazing the business impact frontier in Pittsburgh:

Optimus provides high-performance biodiesel conversion solutions. They create seamless transitions to renewable fuels with industry-leading EPA-certified fuel systems, while employing socially and environmentally responsible practices.

Zulama has created a life-changing modern education platform using hands-on, project based learning curriculum to build tomorrow’s workforce. It’s most easily described as “a school program that applies to the real world.”

Marinus is a data-analytics provider that delivers cutting edge, data-driven research to law enforcement and lawmakers, helping them effectively respond to and combat human trafficking, rescue victims, and detect their exploiters.

Take Action

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Governments, corporations, employees, economic development organizations and foundations can all get involved with and assist in the Measure What Matters Program:

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Does your enterprise value its employees and the environment? The Quick Impact Assessment designed by B Lab is a free, fast tool to see just how “good” you are doing, and help you find areas where you can improve.

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