Commerce and the Common Good

can co-exist.

Business for Good

People are unique in their ability to create business. We trade in everything from products to ideas. We can change environments in ingenious ways. Social Enterprise is a new type of business model that drives social change and supports a healthy planet and healthy communities while generating profit. This ‘triple bottom line’ approach has already proven to be a successful solution to some of the world’s most pressing problems, and it’s taking root across the globe.
Though its social enterprise program InterSector Accelerator, Idea Foundry has helped to launch more than 60 social enterprises over the last 14 years. They have created over 330 jobs and brought over $150 million in impact to the city, while addressing problems in air quality, food access, healthy watersheds, renewable fuels and more.
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Social Enterprise Focus Areas

Education Technology
Renewable Fuels & Energy Efficiency
Water, Agriculture & Food Systems
Recycled & Sustainable Materials

Partnerships for Social Enterprise

We know that networks can move innovations faster, smarter, and more effectively than a single organization alone. We actively foster relationships with others who share the same passion for solving social and environmental problems using market-based solutions in an ethical and effective way.