Strength in numbers

Our network is a part of what makes us, us.

For over a decade we have been working to establish and maintain close relationships with local universities and industry leaders, who have a global reputation of excellence in science, engineering, and research. These institutions share our vision of sustaining and leveraging our region’s position as a top innovation cluster. We are committed to working with our partners to create opportunities that have a far reaching impact on our economy.

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Early Influence, Measurable Impact

The University of Pittsburgh has been an integral component of our network and continues to be the largest contributor to our Life Sciences portfolio. Over the years, our collaboration with the University has deepened into a close partnership that expands across the campus and across the Innovation Institute at the University of Pittsburgh. In addition to providing early investment through our various programs, we engage frequently with early-stage university innovators at various points along the innovation continuum to influence and shape their path forward. We start working with the Institute at the invention disclosure stage and continue our support through company formation, growth and exit.

The Innovation Institute’s activities mirror our own vision for fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within the academic community. Our collaboration with the University is a mutually beneficial engagement, which promotes and supports local breakthroughs that have measurable impact.

“This is a great opportunity for us at Pitt to leverage our expertise and resources with those of the well-respected Idea Foundry to more effectively support our Pitt Innovators and their innovations throughout the commercialization process. Idea Foundry has and will continue to be a great friend of the University and its entrepreneurial efforts. This partnership serves to enhance that relationship.”

Marc MalandroFounding Director, University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute