One Region, Cutting-edge Research, So Many Possibilities…

Leveraging Our Region’s Strengths

The Pittsburgh region has a rich history in research, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Idea Foundry has played a significant role in the creation of the local innovation ecosystem and preservation of regional scientific strengths. We have helped innovators from all stages of the innovation life cycle move their ideas forward through our unique programs.
Our four distinct Science Accelerator Programs in the areas of Healthcare & Life Sciences, Intelligent Systems, Water, and Advanced Materials were inspired by the needs and challenges of the region. These programs guide inventors and their innovations to the most appropriate end use by providing needs-based strategy and critical early stage capital. Startups created through our accelerator programs have the opportunity to receive additional funding and assistance through our Transformation Fellowship Program.
Our startup accelerator has created 140 companies, who have gained $153 million dollars in follow-up funding and 700 innovation based jobs

Our Programs

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Research and development efforts in life sciences have had a far-reaching impact on human life by reducing mortality rates, eradicating diseases, and improving the overall quality of life. Pittsburgh has a long standing history of leadership in this sector and has been the birthplace of many life-changing innovations. The local healthcare and life sciences sector is supported by world-class hospitals and enterprise-level pharmaceutical and med-tech companies that contribute up to 10% of the gross regional product to our economy.

Focus Areas

*Medical Devices   *Diagnostics   *Biotechnology
*Drug Discovery, Delivery & Development Technologies   *Healthcare IT
*Others (contact us to assess fit)

Intelligent Systems Development

Pittsburgh’s research strengths at local universities, research institutions, and industries create a natural environment for a thriving high-technology sector. Innovations in the areas of networking, sensors, robotics, and automation have resulted in intelligent systems that help improve communications, data processing, efficiency, and connectivity. From smart meters to autonomous vehicles to surgical robots, intelligent systems surround us and influence our daily lives.

Focus Areas

*Networking   *Data Analytics  *Sensor-based Technologies
*Automation   *Big Data   *Robotics  *Security
*Others (contact us to assess fit)

Innovate H2­0

The Southwestern Pennsylvania region has been shaped both geographically and economically by water. Despite having access to one of the most consistent supplies of fresh water in the world, our region still faces unique water challenges. The intense growth of the energy industry, combined with an aging wastewater infrastructure and the extensive use of the region’s waterways for transportation, creates many opportunities for innovation.

Focus Areas

*Energy Production   *Water Reuse Systems   *Water Purification
*Storm Water Management   *Navigation and Monitoring  * Advanced Manufacturing and Large Scale Systems
*Others (contact us to assess fit)

Advanced Materials

With over a decade’s worth of successful commercialization experience, Idea Foundry has brought its unique accelerator model to the Advanced Materials Sector. This model is enhanced through its partnership with industry leaders and has been proven to be successful across a number of different disciplines. These partnerships allow entrepreneurs direct access to leaders in the materials science industry, creating opportunities for testing, market research, product development, revenue, and acquisition.

Focus Areas

*Natural Biomaterials   *Composites
*Resins and Polymers  *Fibers   *Nanomaterials
*Advanced Manufacturing  *Others (contact us to assess fit)