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Our History is Our Strength

For more than a decade, Idea Foundry has helped build and develop over 170 companies across diverse industry sectors. Our broad reach into the regional and global innovation ecosystem gives us a unique vantage point and provides us with insight into industry demands.

Ideas to Industry™ is a product of our experiences. The program is a membership driven initiative that creates mutually beneficial engagements by strategically connecting industry members, entrepreneurs, and university researchers. From facilitating complementary partnerships, to diving deep and developing personalized innovation-to-market solutions, Ideas to Industry™ helps innovators and industry leaders move their ideas forward.

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“Idea Foundry specializes in helping innovations reach commercialization readiness by identifying the best possible path forward for them. They are the action verb between our laboratories and the outside world, making connections and shaping partnerships”

University of Pittsburgh Innovation Institute

“Idea Foundry, through its Ideas to Industry Program, is a valuable partner in our internal commercialization efforts. Utilizing years of innovation based experience, the Idea Foundry team not only recognizes product readiness, risk, and potential on a high level, but also offers a detailed vision for guiding a technology product or service through its most advantageous channel and market.”

Enterprise Ventures Corporation

“Of all the organizations promoting innovation to established organizations, Idea Foundry gets it. They know how to identify near-term synergies and long-term strategic development to assist in a wide variety of situations, utilizing both innovative technologies and business models.”

CIO, Regional Health System
For more information or to set up a meeting, contact us at info@ideastoindustry.org