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Global Programs

In addition to job creation in the Pittsburgh region, Idea Foundry is active throughout many countries offering innovation consulting, technology transfer, incubation services, and entrepreneurial training.  Idea Foundry also operates the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center.

Focus Areas

  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Immigration
  • Investment
  • Innovation
Idea Foundry
Centers of innovation are popping up all over the globe. Idea Foundry builds international bridges to create two-way flows of technology, ideas, and culture. Its current major focus is on China, embodied in the Greater China Initiatives outlined below.
Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center
Idea Foundry owns and operates the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center, the only USCIS-authorized EB-5 Regional Center that is exclusively focused on bringing investments from around the world to Pittsburgh-based projects. The Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center offers EB-5 investment opportunities to foreign investors seeking permanent residency in the United States. Building upon the knowledge, skills, and proven track record of Idea Foundry, Inc., the Pittsburgh Regional Investment Center uses EB-5 investments to promote economic growth, business innovation, and job-creation in Southwestern Pennsylvania. To learn more, visit www.PittsburghRIC.com.

Strategically partnered with Visit Pittsburgh and the PA State Office of International Business Development, Idea Foundry is devoted to working in the China market to form two three-legged marketing initiatives — FriendlyPittsburgh and FriendlyPA — on behalf of the Pittsburgh region as well as the state of Pennsylvania. These two initiatives are designed to introduce education, tourism, and business/investment/real estate opportunities and assets the Pittsburgh region and the state of Pennsylvania have to offer to a Chinese population. At the same time, these two initiatives are also intended to be a high-quality information hub on a personal level for Chinese people when they navigate education, tourism, and business choices in the U.S. For more information, please visit www.FriendlyPA.com and www.FriendlyPittsburgh.com.

Global Reach

From social enterprise to science, our business development map highlights the opportunities and partnerships we’re forming around the world.